9 Ways To Destroy Distraction And Increase Productivity


These are your enemies…sometimes.

-Photo Credit: Hunter Langston-

The Usual Problems

There are enough blogs, articles, magazines, books, videos, conferences, and “lifestyle coaches” telling you how to avoid distraction and increase productivity. The problem is; most of their tips simply don’t work for everyone.

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How I Punch That “2:30PM Feeling” In The Face (And Get More Energy)

Face Punch

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Every so often we need something other than coffee. Something that doesn’t make us crash, feel dehydrated, or pee every 5 minutes. Something that can save us from keeling over halfway through the day.

Luckily there are ways around such hells. Like these 5 handy-dandy ways to punch that “2:30PM feeling” in the face and get more energy. Read on…